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Release Date

US: 2008-03-09

Genre: Fighting

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a brawling, battling, action-packed video game that features a varied roster of characters for four-player simultaneous melees! Use your Wii Remote and Nunchuck controls to deal serious damage to your opponents and win the game! This Wii entry in the popular series features a number of new additions, including an Adventure Mode (with co-op play), a wealth of new characters and stages, and online combat for multiple players to face off against each other from anywhere!

Meta Knight: Banned From Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2011-10-03

One of the best characters in Brawl is going to be forbidden from competitive play.

Bringing Back Smash Bros. -- The Challenge 2011-09-21

Watch us get our butts kicked by an IGN reader.

Looking Back on Smash Bros Brawl 2011-05-26

Nintendo's most recent Smash Bros game attempted to be the biggest and best ever.

Bringing Back Smash Bros: The Tournament 2011-05-23

Toon Link, Ike, Falco and Solid Snake challenge each other in an epic battle of grenades and Poke balls.

Nintendo's History at E3: 2007 2011-05-17

It was a parade of new peripherals as Nintendo announced the Wii Zapper, Wheel and Balance Board in '07.

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Ratings for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rating Description
Presentation An impressive lineup of stages and characters, including some from third parties. Amazing soundtrack. Gorgeous cut-scenes. Simple menus. Long front-load and lacking online options.
Graphics Looks like an enhanced version of Melee. Improved character models and backgrounds. Everything runs in 480p, 16:9 and at 60 frames. Even so, the graphics definitely lack detail in areas.
Sound One of the best soundtracks ever created. Sound effects, meanwhile, are perfectly punchy and well-suited to the characters and environments.
Gameplay Tight control, more balanced character move sets, new final smashes and more. We're not particularly fond of the single-player mode, but multiplayer is so good we just don't care.
Lasting Appeal Destined to be played for years thanks to spectacular offline and online multiplayer modes. One of the great four-player games of all time.
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