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US: 2009-10-15

Genre: Music

Rock Band

Rock Band iOS Soon No Longer Playable, Still on Sale 2012-05-02

EA issues statement in response.

Rock Band is Live 2009-10-19

The musical juggernaut drops into the App Store.

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Ratings for Rock Band

Rating Description
Presentation This definitely looks like a Rock Band game thanks to a familiar interface. Lack of avatar creation is disappointing.
Graphics Clean if not a touch dry. The interface looks right, but the canned band animations are boring.
Sound Good song selection -- 20 tracks come with the download. The music store offers more. Track quality is decent.
Gameplay Guituar and bass are fun. The drum fills are sad exclusion. Vocals are just boring. Multiplayer, when it works, is fun.
Lasting Appeal Rock Band is expensive. You get a lot of songs, though, and the DLC is priced well. The uneven instruments and iffy multiplayer connectivity hurts, though.
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