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July 22, 2011
The Best Option Possible to Save Your Crew and Squad Mates

By Kaymon the Tigress

Table of Contents

Before the Suicide Mission

What You Should Do Before Going to Retrieve the Reaper IFF

Necessary Upgrades

Personal Note

The Abduction

Some Other Information You Should Know

Part 1: The Debris Field


Part 2: Infiltrating the Collector's Base

Good and Bad Squad Member Choices 1

Specialist Technician

Squad 2 Leader

Your Team

Part 3: The Long Walk

Good and Bad Squad Member Choices 2


Biotic Specialist

Squad 2 Leader

Part 4: The Final Battle

Good and Bad Squad Member Choices 3

Attacking the Tubes

Destroy the Human Reaper

Endings Based on Shepard's Decision


New Game +

Continue Game

What You Should Do Before Going to Retrieve the Reaper IFF

When the option to go get the Reaper IFF is available, make sure EVERYONE'S

loyalty mission has been complete.

It is interesting to bring Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, because the

reaction for many of the AI's are exactly the way they should, utter shock that

someone would bring a Geth on the flotilla. It's a lot of fun seeing the

different dialog available with Legion in the party, but if you wish to save

everyone in the best way possible, complete Tali's mission BEFORE the Reaper

IFF. I tried doing it where I completed everyone but Tali's mission before

going to retrieve the Reaper IFF, but ended up not having time to complete

Legion's mission before the crew is taken.

Necessary Upgrades

After completing the Reaper IFF mission (hopefully everyone but Legion's

loyalty mission has been completed), you should have enough time to complete

Legion's loyalty mission before the crew is taken. At the very least, also

upgrade the Normandy before heading into the relay to further insure that your

squad mates will survive:

Heavy Ship Armor = Talk to Jacob

-15,000 Palladium

Multicore Shielding = Talk to Tali after recruiting

-15,000 Palladium

Thanix Cannon = Talk to Garrus after recruiting

-15,000 Platinum

When you talk to these squad mates, you MUST ask them about the Normandy

Upgrades in order to obtain the option to upgrade the Normandy. After asking

them, it is possible to upgrade in the lab where Mordin can be found. I HIGHLY

suggest getting the upgrades done as soon as you can! Mining planets and

constantly searching EVERYTHING during a mission in order to get enough of each

will feel like it takes a century, but it's worth it if you wish to save


Personal Note

Also, on a more personal note, giving squad mates their upgrades, such as

Jack's Subject Zero: Biotic Damage, might also help in the final mission. It

might make it easier to complete the overall final mission without having too

much trouble. I would highly stress on also upgrading the squad's defense in

any way you can! Some squad mates have a lower defense than others, so if you

are able to, try upgrading them!

The Abduction

After you have upgraded the ship with the necessary upgrades, done everyone's

loyalty mission, AND (if you desire) upgrading every weapon, armor, defensive

and offensive boost for both yourself and the squad mates (if possible), the

event that triggers in the crew getting kidnapped by the Collectors will

trigger (most likely after completing the Legion mission, if you follow my

advice). When you are Joker, if you are caught by the Collecters, the mission

will be a fail, and you'll have to start all over again! And trust me, JOKER

IS FAR TOO SLOW TO WANNA FAIL THE MISSION! When the crew is gone, Miranda and

Jacob will ask if they should follow after the Collectors, or get prepared. DO


Some Other Information You Should Know

If you plan on going on any other mission after the crew has been taken, you

WILL lose a certain number of crew members:

0 Missions - Saves the entire crew!

1-3 Missions - Lose half the crew, and watch as Kelly Chambers is slowly killed

4 or more Missions - Everyone but Dr. Chakwas will die, and I can only guess

that you STILL watch Kelly die

Once you go through the relay, this will trigger a pre-mission event cut-scene.

- If you pursued a relationship with any squad members, their romance

event will occur.

- If you had a relationship in Mass Effect, and wish to keep the

relationship together, Shepard will stare at the picture of the love interest

of Shepard.

- If you had a relationship in Mass Effect, and but decided to pursue a

squad member in Mass Effect 2, you will still have the romance scene, and the

picture of the former lover will be flipped down.

- I'm not sure exactly what happens if you don't pursue any

relationship, both in Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2. My guess is it isn't too

far off from the Mass Effect loyalty romance scene.

- It is also possible to have a romance scene with Liara in Mass Effect

2 after completing the DLC: Lair of the Shadow Broker, if you had a

relationship with her in Mass Effect.

After one of the scenes go by, Shepard will talk to the Illusive Man, where he

will give his speech of how he doesn't like sending you into the unknown. When

you are finished talking to the Illusive Man, the final mission starts!

Part 1: Debris Field

If you made the necessary upgrades to the Normandy, during the long first part

of the mission will save all your squad mates. HOWEVER, if you do not, this is

the order in which your team will die. This is also in the order where the

upgrades will be needed:


Heavy Ship Armor = Jack

Multicore Shielding = Kasumi, Legion, Tali, Thane, Garrus, Zaeed, Grunt

Thanix Cannon = Thane, Garrus, Zaeed, Grunt, Jack, Samara/Morinth

The cut-scene event will also slightly differ, depending on the lack of or

upgrades that are there.

While in the debris field, you'll have to also fight the Oculus, a giant

robotic eye that shoots lasers that can really deal a lot of damage, as well as

the fact that it tries following Commander Shepard the entire time. You're

definitely gonna want to have a good Heavy Weapon on hand, because this thing

has an incredibly large defense, plus your squad mates will also inform you

that a Heavy Weapon is probably best for dealing with this rock. I used the

Avalanche, since it can load up a shot, then deliver one large blow to it, but

I've also used the Collector's gun to drain the health from it. Also, having

members with Overdrive and/or Reave is also a good idea while facing it, since

they both lower shields/barriers. If you upgraded your member's power, that

Overdrive/Reave will deal a whole lot more damage than ever, and may even take

out the shield almost right away!

You'll have to fight the thing twice, since it runs away the first time. Once

done, the cut-scene will eventually crash onto the Collector's base, and part 2

will start.

Part 2: Infiltrating the Collector's Base

If you didn't make any or some of the upgrades, squad members that died as a

result will no longer be of use for the rest of the final mission. If you did

make the upgrades, then all squad mates will have survived.

Good and Bad Squad Member Choices 1

The whole team will have assembled into the meeting room to discuss on how to

get inside the base. The best option is to simply send someone through the

ventilation shaft, while taking in two teams into the actual base. You will

need to choose a Specialist Technician, a Leader for Squad 2, and your teammates.

Specialist Technician

- Kasumi, Tali or Legion

- Anyone else. If you do not choose one of the three above, or one of

the three is not loyal, that squad member will get shot in the face at the end

of Part 2.

Squad 2 Leader

- Garrus, Miranda or Jacob

- Anyone else. If you do not choose one of the three above, or one of

the three is not loyal, that squad member will get shot in the face at the end

of Part 2.

Your Team

You'll be fighting against Collector Drones, Harbingers, and several

Collector Assassins, which all have biotic barriers on harder difficulties

(Drones gain barriers on Hardcore and Insanity only). Characters with Warp or

Incinerate powers are a good choice, as Warp is effective at taking down biotic

barriers and armor, and Incinerate deals decent damage against organic enemies

along with setting them on fire for a few seconds, and it does some damage

against barriers. (

Your teams will then break, and do the appropriate assignments that you gave

them. The Specialist will need Shepard to activate the eight consoles in order

to make it to the other side of door that Squad 2 is holding. Failing to do

some in time will kill the Specialist, and possibly the Squad 2 leader at the

end of Part 2. There is a way to run to each of the consoles before the

Specialist, and then clean up the enemies. Using Warp and/or Incinerate, and

if Shepard knows it, Reave or Overdrive will definitely become your best friend

while dealing with the Collectors. Reave works better on them, but Overdrive

will still take a large portion of the barrier down. SAVE BEFORE HITTING THE


Part 3: The Long Walk

If you did all that has been said before, you should still have all your squad

members alive to be able to use for the next part of the Mission. Shepard, if

they left right after the crew was abducted, it'll show Lilith, and saves the

entire crew (minus Lilith). If not, then even if you lose all but Dr. Chakwas,

Shepard watches as his/her crew is turned into cryogenic goo. If only half are

gone, Shepard watches Kelly die.

Good and Bad Squad Member Choices 2

It is time to go and finally destroy the base! EDI lets Shepard and the squad

know that the only way to get to where the tubes the liquefied humans are

leading to are through a swarm of Seekers; far too many for Mordin's

countermeasures to work properly. So a Biotic Specialist will be needed to

protect Shepard and his/her team. Shepard will once again, if you choose, can

create four separate teams, one to escort the crew to the Normandy, one to

become the Squad 2 Leader, one Biotic Specialist, and your team. Hopefully,

everyone's loyalty is up!


- Choosing a loyal Squad mate will result in both the squad member to

live, and save the crew at the same time. My best suggestion is to send Mordin

with the crew, since he has the lowest defense out of everyone, otherwise you

better keep an eye on him!

- Choosing an unloyal Squad mate. This will save them, but all the crew

will die before ever making it to Joker and the Normandy.

Biotic Specialist

- Jack or Samara/Morinth.

- Any other Biotic. They will not die, but a member of your team will

be carried off by a swarm of Seekers because the Biotic can't hold up the

shield as long as Jack or Samara/Morinth.

Squad 2 Leader

- Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda (Miranda will not die, whether loyal or not).

- Anyone else. Those, even if loyal, will most likely be shot in the

stomach by the end of Part 3.

You should definitely save before getting to the spot where the Biotic

Specialist must jump over a row of boxes!

Part 4: The Final Battle

If you have been following this guide to a T (or pretty close to it), everyone

will still be alive, and EDI will inform Shepard that the crew and the team

member made it back to the ship alive. It's now time for the final show down!

You now only have to pick members for your own team. Everyone else becomes

part of the â€Å"defenseâ€Â team.

If everyone is Loyal, those who are get a +1 defense, and will more like

survive in the â€Å"defenseâ€Â squad.

- If you didn't already, again I suggest adding Mordin to your team, for

the same reasons as before. Other than that, bringing others who share in

having low defense is an excellent idea, such as Tali, Kasumi, and Jack.

- If anyone who is not Loyal, but is still alive, the best idea is to

keep them on your team. Anyone who is not Loyal, and is in the

â€Å"defenseâ€Â squad will die. Also, taking, Zaeed, Grunt, and/or

Garrus will result in lower defense in the â€Å"defenseâ€Â squad,

and more Squad Members will die.

Note: The order squad members die is as follows: any non-loyal squad members,

Mordin, Tali, Kasumi, Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Garrus, Samara/Morinth, Legion,

Thane, Zaeed, Grunt

After going through waves of Collectors, Shepard will final an enormous Human

Reaper, created by using all the humans goo the Collector's made.

This is a two-part battle.

Attacking the Tubes

Shepard must take out the tubes that the Human Reaper is strapped to. Make

sure that you strap on a good Heavy Weapon, as well as have either a SMG on, or

a Sniper. The SMG works best for the first part, because it can blow out two

tubes at a time. Everything else takes one, but the Heavy Weapon will be good

to take out smaller enemies in almost no time. Using Reave, Overdrive, or

Incinerate will help with the smaller enemies.

After the Human Reaper has fallen, the Illusive Man will stop Shepard and tell

him/her that there is a way to disable the Collector Base, but still keep it in

tack. If you are a Paragon, Shepard will tell the Illusive Man that the base

has no reason to stay alive, cuts off the Illusive Man, and plants a bomb on

the main control hub. If you are a Renegade, Shepard will allow the Illusive

Man to disable the base. There will be extra dialog if Miranda is in your

party. No matter what the decision, the Human Reaper will appear awaken, and


Destroying the Human Reaper

When it is awake, there is a possibility of Shepard dying around this time.

However, if you wish to save everyone, target any of the glowing gold orbs

represented as eyes for the Human Reaper. This will take out its health, and

where the Heavy Weapon comes into play. Using the Avalanche is too hard,

because you must build up for one shot, but the Human Reaper moves so much that

there are more times you'd miss than actually hit it. Using something, like

the Collector's Laser, is extremely helpful, because you're more likely to hit

it. The Human Reaper delivers damage so great, that Shepard will almost die

from the blast, so the best strategy is to attack it's eyes until the Human

Reaper is nearly done charging for it's laser attack, then cover when the thing

start firing the laser. Also, Collectors will still show up, but if you let

your squad handle most of them, then they'll be able to take them out without

you having to loose sight of the Human Reaper.

Endings Based on Shepard's Decision

If you have killed it, there is a possibility either Shepard or a Squad member

will die if they're Loyalty isn't high enough. If everyone is Loyal, Shepard

picks up the Squad mates you brought with you from underneath some rubble.

Joker will inform Shepard, even if everyone is alive, that all survives have

made it back to the Normandy. Shepard's squad then makes a run for it, and

ends by either the Collector's base being destroyed, or a massive blue wave

that takes out all living beings on the Collector's ship.

- If Shepard chose to destroy the base, the star behind the Illusive Man

will turn blue, and he is furious, because they could have used it to make

humanity top in the universe, and Shepard leaves Cerberus.

- If Shepard chose to save the base, the star behind the Illusive Man

will become red, and he compliments Shepard's decision. After they are done

talking, the Illusive Man grins, while looking at a hologram of the in-tact

Collector base.

- If Shepard died, but chose to destroy the base, Joker will talk in

his/her stead. If the base was sparred, the Illusive Man watches a salvage ship

move towards the base.

After talking with the Illusive Man, one of the following scenes will occur:

- If any Squad members died, Shepard will be seen mourning their casket.

The number of them varies on how many died.

- If Shepard dies, Joker mourns over Shepard's casket.

- If Shepard dies, as well as some Squad mates, Joker mourns over all

their caskets.

After any of these three scenes, it will show Joker staring at a data pad,

showing a schismatic of a reaper.

- If everyone survived, it will show Shepard walking through the torn-up

Normandy, as a few squad mates are helping repair the ship. Then Joker will

stand up, and show Shepard the data pad of the Reaper.

In dark space, a Reaper is shown awakening from hibernation as lights appear

within its superstructure. As it awakens, the dark void surrounding the Reaper

is illuminated by thousands of pinpoints of light, revealing hundreds, or even

thousands, of other Reapers. The final shot shows the Reaper fleet flying

towards the Milky Way galaxy, setting the stage for Mass Effect 3.


New Game +

Starting a New Game + will carry the character's upgraded Powers over. Weapons,

armor, level and equipment are also retained, any associated upgrades must be

earned and/or purchased from scratch. The Paragon/Renegade morality bars will

be completely empty, even if the character had a previous bonus carrying over

from Mass Effect. No bonus credits or resources will be carried over from

importing a Mass Effect character, though the bonus credits and resources that

are given to all new Mass Effect 2 characters after completing the game will

still be received.

Continue Game

Choosing to go back and continue the game allows you to finish off any

incomplete missions, scan planets for mineral extraction, play any downloadable

content you haven't played, and also if you are romancing Kelly or other crew

members, to invite them up to the Commander's cabin as well as attempt to be

seduced by Morinth if you recruited her (although that results in your death).

Furthermore, you can speak to each of your surviving squad members and hear a

one-time-only comment on the decision you made regarding the Collectors' base.

If you choose to keep it and turn it over to the Illusive Man, your teammates

will express skepticism -- surprisingly, this includes Garrus, Grunt and

Mordin, who all encouraged Shepard to preserve the base as a weapon against the

Reapers if part of Shepard's squad on the final mission. On the other hand, if

the base is destroyed, the entire party approves -- surprisingly, this includes

even Cerberus loyalist Miranda. You will also hear your fellow crew members

congratulating you on the mission.



*This information was obtained by, as well as some personal

experience by yours truly! Thank you!

©2011-07-22, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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