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February 8, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FAQ

by hXcHector | Contact Me


I. Campaign

II. Arcade Mode

III. Multiplayer





IV. Ranks/Unlockables

V.Create a Class

-Prestige Mode

-Creating a Class


VI. Weapons and Equipment



-Other Weapons



VII. Achievements


VIII. Difference in the Wii and DS Versions


Welcome to the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FAQ. I hope this FAQ answers all

questions regarding COD4. Partial credit to making this guide goes to the call

of duty wiki, that helped me confirm some facts.

Call of Duty 4 is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward, Aspyr (Mac

Conversion), and Treyarch (Wii Conversion), and published by Activision. It is

available on the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, and Wii. The

console versions of the game runs on a native resolution of 600p and uses the

"IW Engine." The original release date was September 6, 2007. There are two

versions of the game that have been released. The standard version which comes

with the game and manual, and the collectors edition which is the standard

version along with a DVD containing a documentary entitled "Great SAS Mission."

Also on the DVD is a making of the game and levels video. Also included is a

limited edition poster and an exclusive hardcover art-book featuring

never-before-seen concept, development, and final in-game artwork.

The minimum system requirements for the PC version are:

Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 1.8 Duo Core or higher, or AMD Athlon 64

2800+ processor

Memory: 512 MB (768 MB for Vista)

Hard Drive: 8 GB of Free Space

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6600 (128 MB) or ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (128 MB)

Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compliant card

The minimum system requirements for Mac version are:

Operation System: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4

CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2.0 GHz processor

Memory: 1024 MB

Hard Drive: 8 GB of free space + 1 GB Swap File

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 7300 (128 MB)

I. Campaign

In the campaign you play as two soldiers in two different companies. Sergeant

Soap MacTavish in the SAS, and Sergeant Paul Jackson in the USMC. They start

off on separate paths but later their stories intertwine with each other. The

campaign is single player only which is stretched out across 21 missions. A

few of the missions aren't exactly missions but cut scenes. There are 4

difficulty settings in the campaign. Easy, Normal, Hardened, and Veteran. You

have infinite regenerative health. It regenerates when you take cover and

don't get shot for some time. You have a set equipment set up, but you can

pick up more ammo if you find the same gun or same ammo type from another gun.

There are some missions with extra special grenades and other equipment. The

missions are set up as so:


- Prepare for the cargo ship operation.

Crew Expendable - Infiltrate the cargo ship. Locate the 'package.'

The Coup - The coup d'etat. Al-Asad takes over.

Act I:

- Work with the 'good' Russians to rescue your informant,


Charlie Don't Surf - Search for Al-Asad

The Bog - Break through the enemy lines to find the stranded

Abrams tank.

Hunted - Shot down in Western Russian with Nikolai, evade enemy


Death From Above - Protect Captain Price and the SAS using an

AC-140 gunship.

War Pig - Escort the Abrams back to the highway.

Shock and Awe - Surround the last of Al-Asad's forces in the capital.

Aftermath - …

Act II:

- Final Al-Asad in his safe house in Azerbaijan.

All Ghillied Up - Crawl through Chernobyl in a ghillie suit

One Shot, One Kill - Snipe Zakhaev and escape from Chernobyl.

Heat - Defend the village of Al-Asad's safe house while waiting

for extraction.

The Sins of the Father - Ambush Zakhaev's son.

Act III:

- Find Ssgt Griggs. Kill the power to the ICBM launch


All In - Get inside the ICBM launch facility.

No Fighting in the War Room - Reach the control room and abort

the nukes.

Game Over - Get the hell out of there!


Mile High Club
- ???

II. Arcade Mode

A new mode in the game is the arcade mode. The arcade mode is unlocked after

you beat the game. In this you can choose from "Full Challenge" or "Level

Challenge" and play the campaign levels or the full campaign and earn points.

These points will be added up at the end of each level (or if you run out of

time/lives) and be displayed on the leader boards to compete against other

people around the world. Depending on where you shoot the enemy, you are given

points. Multiples of 5 in the range of 5 to 100 points. Grenades give you a

certain amount of points, as do grenade launchers and knives. If you go on a

kill streak within a certain amount of time from each kill then you get a

multiplayer. X2-X8. Once you reach X8 then the music changes and you have a

certain amount of time before the kill streak resets. You also get points for

blowing up cars or certain objectives. At the end of the level the game adds

in your time remaining along with the number of lives you earned in that level.

You have a set amount of lives and can get more if you kill more enemies and

reach a checkpoint. You also get a multiplier on the final score depending on

the difficulty. X1.5 for normal, X3 for Hardened, and X4 for Veteran. If you

go through an entire level on the Hardened and Veteran difficulties then you

get an extra X2 multiplayer before the difficulty multiplier.

III. Multiplayer

There are a few modes in multiplayer. The first is split screen where you can

play against friends on the same console and same screen with preset classes.

However, you cannot play on all maps. You can customize the settings of the

match in various ways such as headshots only for a kill, double health,

hardcore mode, old school mode and more.

There is also system link to hook up many systems and play just like split

screen, but on different screens.

In the multiplayer you can play against other people around the world on the

same system you're playing online. Meaning xbox 360 to xbox 360 or PS3 to PS3

only, no cross consoles. There is a private match option to play with friends

using your created classes and customized settings for matches. Or you can

find a match in one of the 14 play lists. These play lists are:


Team Deathmatch - Straight up Team Deathmatch. Use teamwork to kill

enemy players and reach the score limit (750 points/75 Kills). 6-12 players.

Each kill is 10 points and an assist is 2 points.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch - Same as team deathmatch however you get set

up with random teams and no parties are allowed.

Free For All - Straight up Deathmatch. Every man for himself. Kill

Everyone. 4-8 players. Each kill is 5 points with no assists. First to 25

kills/125 Points wins.

Domination - 3 flags in the level must be captured. Your team gets

points for having control of a flag. The more flags your team holds, the more

points you gain. 6-12 players. Each kill is 5 points, assists are 1 point.

Capturing a flag is 15 points. The Game ends when the flag capture points

reach 200 for one of the teams.

Ground War - Big team games - Team Deathmatch and Domination. 8-18

players. First team to 1000 Points/100 Kills or to 200 points in domination wins.

Sabotage - A neutral bomb is in the center of the level and teams fight

to destroy the enemy team's objective. The bomb carrier can be seen by all

players. First team to successfully bomb the enemy objective wins. However if

nobody bombs the other team's objective after the 20 minute time limit then

there is a 90 second sudden death. No respawns and the first team to kill the

other team wins. 6-12 players. Each kill is 5 points. Assists are 1 point.

If you die you have to wait 7 seconds to respawn

Headquarters - A neutral base to capture is marked in the level. Each

team fights to capture it. Capture and hold it to gain 5 points every 5

seconds. The team that holds the HQ doesn't respawn. 6-12 players. Each kill

is 5 points but adds more points per kill when holding a HQ. Assists are 1

point. Capturing the HQ is 15 points plus the 5 points everyone gets once the

base is captured.

Search and Destroy - No Respawning, defend and destroy one of the two

objectives. Just like sabotage, but nobody can see where the bomb is with the

animated bomb sign. 6-12 players. Each kill is 50 points, Assists are 25

points, and planting the bomb is 50 points.

Team Tactical - Small team based games. Team Deathmatch, Domination,

Headquarters, Sabotage, and Search and Destory. 4-6 players

Hardcore Team Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch with: no points popping up

when you get a kill, no kill cam when you die, no HUD, no crosshairs, wait to

respawn (anywhere between 1 and 16 seconds), minimal health, no health

regeneration. Friendly fire on, if you kill a team mate 2 times you get 15

seconds added on to your respawn and die instantly. Each team kill after that

adds 15 seconds and is an instant death. 6-12 players. Same points as TDM.

Hardcore Search and Destroy - Search and Destroy with hardcore rules.

6-12 players.

Old School Free For All - No classes. Weapons and perks are pickups,

health increased, no health regeneration, and jumps are higher. 4-8 players.

FFA points and score limit is the same.

Cage Match - 1v1 deathmatch. 20 XP for each kill and first to 10 kills


Hardcore Headquarters - Headquarters under hardcore rules. Once you die

you instantly respawn. Hardcore rules and headquarter rules can be read in the

other playlist descriptions.


During the matches you can get 3 different kill streak bonuses. When calling

an air strike, the kills you get will be added to your kill streak. If you die

before you call a helicopter, the helicopter's kills will be added to your next

kill streak unless you die once more. After the initial 7 the game says 10

Kill Streak, 15 Kill Streak, and onward for every 5 kill streaks until you die.

They apply to all playlists.

UAV Recon: After 3 kills you get UAV for 30 seconds which shows everyone

on the radar who doesn't have a UAV Jammer.

Airstrike: After 5 kills you get to place an air strike anywhere on the

map. Three fly overs of bombs depending where you drop it.

Helicopter Support: After 7 kills you get a helicopter which is

controlled by a computer. It kills enemies with a machine gun and can be shot



The Barracks is another section of the online multiplayer which allows you to

create a clan tag with 1-4 characters. However, some words have been banned.

There are challenges you can complete to gain XP rewards and weapon add ons.

The leader boards is another section in the barracks that allows you to view

your Score, Wins, Kills, and Accuracy against your friends or everyone in the

world on that particular console/system.


Ambush - Medium Rectangular desert town. USMC vs Op For.

Backlot - Medium square desert construction site. USMC vs Op For.

Bloc - Large Russian apartment bloc. Dark and grassy. SAS vs Spetsnaz. (Ghillie

Suit Activated)

Bog - Small desert bog. Rectangular dark half bog half town. USMC vs Op For

Countdown - Medium Open launch pad with lots of concrete, 4 warehouses, and a small

grassy area on the side. SAS vs Spetsnaz. (Ghillie Suit Activated)

Crash - Medium-Large Desert town with a crashed helicopter in the middle. Lots of

buildings to go into. USMC vs Op For. During christmas time, on the PC, they

repainted the map as a snowy area.

Crossfire - Large desert town. One big main road with tons of buildings on the sides.

USMC vs Op For.

District - Large urban town with a market in the middle. Lots of corners, but not many

buildings to go into. USMC vs Op For.

Downpour - Medium-Large rainy russian farm area. Lots of grass. SAS vs Spetsnaz.

(Ghillie Suit Activated)

Overgrown - Large overgrown rural Russian area. Great for sniping. SAS vs Spetsnaz.

(Ghillie Suit Activated)

Pipeline - Medium-Large Russian train yard. SAS vs Spetsnaz. (Ghillie Suit Activated)

Shipment - Tiny Russian shipyard. Lots of metallic crates. SAS vs Spetsnaz.

Showdown - Small desert arena. USMC vs Op For.

Strike - Large urban desert town. USMC vs Op For.

Vacant - Deserted Russian office. Many indoor corners and a grassy outside with

metallic crates. SAS vs Spetsnaz.

Wet Work - Medium-large (long rectangular) cargoship. Very dark and rainy.

SAS vs Spetsnaz.

And there is one map pack available for purchase with 4 maps. The maps will

only come up if you have them downloaded on your system. You will be matched

up only with people who have the map pack.

Broadcast - Medium Large Middle Eastern TV station. Lots of indoor fighting and a

parking lot with buildings outside. USMC vs Op For.

Chinatown - Medium chinatown city at night. Lots of buildings to go through. SAS vs


Killhouse - Very small speedball style warehouse interior. Great for small teams. SAS

vs Spetsnaz.

Creek - Large Russian outdoor area. Lots of trees next to a creek. (Ghillie Suit

Activated) SAS vs Spetsnaz.


Rank - Class- XP Required - Unlocked

1. Private First Class - 0 - USP .45 / MP5 / M249 SAW / M16A4 / C-4 x2 /

Special Grenade x3 / Juggernaut / Sonic Boom / Steady Aim / Deep Impact /

Stopping Power / Extreme Conditioning/ Assault, Spec Ops, and Heavy Gunner Class

2. Private I - 30 - Demolitions Class / W1200 / RPG-7 x2

3. Private II - 120 - Class / M40A3

4. Lance Corporal - 270 - / Scorpion / RPD / AK 47

5. Lance Corporal I - 480 - Challenges

6. Lance Corporal II - 750

7. Corporal - 1080

8. Corporal I - 1470 - M21 / Last Stand

9. Corporal II - 1920

10. Sergeant - 2430 - M4 Carbine

11. Sergeant I - 3000 - UAV Jammer

12. Sergeant II - 3650 - Clan Tag

13. Staff Sergeant - 4380 - Mini Uzi

14. Staff Sergeant I - 5190 - Bomb Squad

15. Staff Sergeant II - 6080

16. Gunnery Sergeant - 7050 - M1911 .45

17. Gunnery Sergeant I - 8100 - Martyrdom

18. Gunnery Sergeant II - 9230

19. Master Sergeant - 10440 - M60E4

20. Master Sergeant I - 11730 - Sleight of Hand

21. Master Sergeant II - 13100

22. Master Gunnery Sergeant - 14550 - Dragunov

23. Master Gunnery Sergeant I - 16080 - Claymore x2

24. Master Gunnery Sergeant II - 17690

25. 2nd Lieutenant - 19380 - G3

26. 2nd Lieutenant I - 21150 - Iron Lungs

27. 2nd Lieutenant II - 23000

28. 1st Lieutenant - 24930 - AK-74u

29. 1st Lieutenant I - 26940 - Double Tap

30. 1st Lieutenant II - 29030

31. Captain - 31240 - M1014

32. Captain I - 33570 - Bandolier

33. Captain II - 36020

34. Major - 38590 - R700

35. Major I - 41280 - Eavesdrop

36. Major II - 44090

37. Lieutenant Colonel - 47020 - G36C

38. Lieutenant Colonel I - 50070 - Overkill

39. Lieutenant Colonel II - 53240

40. Colonel - 56530 - P90

41. Colonel I - 59940 - Frag x3

42. Colonel II - 63470

43. Brigadier General - 67120 - Desert Eagle

44. Brigadier General I - 70890 - Dead Silence

45. Brigadier General II - 74780

46. Major General - 78790 - M14

47. Major General I - 82920

48. Major General II - 87170

49. Lieutenant General - 91540 - Barrett .50cal

50. Lieutenant General I - 96030

51. Lieutenant General II - 100640

52. General - 105370 - MP44

53. General I - 110220

54. General II - 115190

55. Commander - 120280 - Gold Desert Eagle

56. Prestige Mode - 125490 - Prestige Mode

V. Create a Class

Also in online multiplayer is Create a Class which allows you to create

customized classes with weapons and perks you unlocked as you progress. You

unlock weapons and perks as you rank up. You rank up by gaining experience in

online play lists. There are 55 levels that you can rank up to.

Prestige Mode

Prestige Mode unlocks after level 55. You have to go to the barracks to

activate it. When entering prestige mode EVERYTHING is started over from level

1 with the exception of the play lists, clan tag, and barracks leaderboards

(challenges are locked again). You gain XP and rank up again but you get a

special icon next to your rank. You can prestige 10 times.

Creating a Class

When creating a class you get to choose one primary weapon, one side arm, a

special grenade, and three different perks. However, certain perks fall under

perk 1, perk 2, and perk 3 sections. When adding a grip to a LMG/Shotgun or a

Grenade Launcher to an Assault Rifle it takes up the perk 1 slot. You also get

one frag grenade automatically. Commonly used classes are as such:



USP 45 w/Silencer

Smoke Grenade

Frag Grenade

Claymore x2

Stopping Power or UAV Jammer

Iron Lungs

Ghost Class

MP5 w/Silencer

USP 45 w/Silencer

Flash Grenade

Frag Grenade

Bomb Squad

UAV Jammer



Perk 1 Slot:

Bomb Squad
- Detect C4/Claymores from a distance and through walls

C4 x2 - Two Blocks of Composition 4 that are remote detonated, can bed

detonated by pressing reload twice. Can stick to any surface.

Claymore x2 - Two Claymore Mines that are motion detonated. Set down

right in front of you.

RPG-7 x2 - Two RPG-7s, Rockets that can be shot off with arching flight


Special Grenades x3 - Three Special Grenades. Only available with Flash

and Stun Grenades

Bandolier - Three extra mags of ammo for your guns. Two for LMGs.

Frag x3 - Three Fragmentation Grenades.

Perk 2 Slot:

- Health increased by 40%

Sleight of Hand - Faster Reload

Sonic Boom - Increased Damage Radius on Explosives (Frag, Claymore, C4,

RPGs, Grenade Launcher)

Stopping Power - Increased Bullet Damage by 40%

Double Tap - Increased rate of fire. Does not apply to side arms, M21,

Dragunov, Barrett, G3, or M14

UAV Jammer - Makes the player unseen on UAV Radar

Overkill - Ability to Carry Two Primary Weapons, no sidearm, no two same


Perk 3 Slot:

Deep Impact
- Increased Bullet Penetration (bullets go through walls with

less damage loss)

Extreme Conditioning - Sprint for Longer Distances

Last Stand - Pull out your pistol before dying. When you get hurt

enough to die you fall to the ground and pull out a side arm. If you have no

side arm you switch to the M9 automatically. If you get killed by a headshot

you don't fall into last stand.

Martyrdom - Drop a live grenade when you die. Grenades from Martyrdom

take half the time to explode than regular thrown frag grenades.

Steady Aim - Increased Hip Fire Accuracy

Dead Silence - Reduces Foot Step Noise

Iron Lungs - You can hold your breath longer to steady sniper riles.

From 4 to 9 Seconds.

Eavesdrop - Hear enemy voice chat (unless the other team is in a party chat)

VI. Weapons

In multiplayer all players have 100 points of health. Each bullet for each gun

has a set amount of damage. I will give the max amount of damage a bullet from

each gun can do in MPPB (Max Power Per Bullet). Stopping power increases the

damage and juggernaut decreases it by 40%. Range is another big factor by each

weapon. The more range, the better the bullet damage stays the same over long

distances. For instance, shotguns have great power but extremely low range.

Sniper Rifles have very high range and power, making them almost always one

shot kills. Headshots of all guns increase damage by 40%, but with sniper

rifles they are increased 50%. Shotguns do not have damage multipliers. On

sniper rifles the body and neck also gives damage multipliers. All guns have

three mags of ammo total, except for LMGs which use two.

Assault Rifles:

Only assault rifles can use Grenade Launchers. They can also use Red Dot

Sight/Silencer/ACOG Scope. Assault Rifles are best for medium to long range.

They have medium bullet penetration through walls and nice firepower.

M16A4 - Three round burst fire Assault Rifle. High power. In single

player it is fully automatic. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB

AK-47 - Fully automatic with high power and high recoil. 30 Rounds/Mag.


M4 Carbine - Fully automatic with low recoil and lower power. 30

Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB

G3 - Semi-Automatic AR. Very Accurate. 20 Round/Mag. 40 MPPB.

G36C - Fully automatic AR. Small recoil. 30 Round/Mag. 30 MPPB.

M14 - Semi-Automatic with high power. Kicks a little more than other

Single Fire weapons. 20 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.

MP44 - Fully automatic WWII Gun. Not compatible with any attachments.

30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.

Sub Machine Guns:

SMGs are all effective in close range combat. They have high rates of fire and

are all fully automatic. SMGs have low bullet penetration. They can use Red

Dot/Silencer/ACOG Scope

MP5 - Fully automatic with decent accuracy for a SMG. 30 Rounds/Mag.

40 MPPB.

Skorpion - Fully automatic with great accuracy. 20 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.

Mini-Uzi - Fully automatic with high recoil. 32 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB.

AK-74u - Fully automatic with decent accuracy. 30 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.

P90 - Fully Automatic with a big mag. 50 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB.

Light Machine Guns:

LMGs all have huge box mags with high bullet penetration. They don't always

have the best accuracy and are all fully Automatic. They use Red Dot/Grip/ACOG


M249 SAW - High Rate of Fire with good accuracy. 100 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB.

RPD - High power and good accuracy. 100 Rounds/Mag. 40MPPB

M60E4 - Low ROF and accuracy, but high power. 100 Rounds/Mag. 50MPPB.


Shotguns have high power but are effective only as really close range which can

give a x8 multiplier boost. All shotguns use Red Dot and Grips

W1200 - Pump action shotgun.7 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB

M1014 - Semi-automatic combat shotgun. 4 Rounds/Mag. 30 MPPB

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifles use a sniper scope by default and can use an ACOG scope once

unlocked. On certain maps you are automatically put in a Ghillie suit if your

primary weapon is a sniper rifle. All snipers are best at long range. Snipers

have medium to low bullet penetration.

M40A3 - Bolt-action sniper rifle. 5 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB, 75 MPPB with

ACOG Scope.

M21 - Semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB.

Dragunov - Semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB.

R700 - Bolt-action sniper rifle. 4 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPBB.

Barrett .50cal - semi-automatic sniper rifle. 10 Rounds/Mag. 70 MPPB.

Side Arms:

Side arms can be used with or without a silencer from the start. However, the

desert eagle cannot use silencers. None can use camoflauge, and all are best

at Close Range.

M9 - Semi-automatic with a high capacity. 15 Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB.

USP .45 - Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. 12 Rounds/Mag.


M1911 .45 - Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. 8

Rounds/Mag. 40 MPPB

Desert Eagle - Semi-automatic with high power. 7 Rounds/Mag. 50 MPPB.


Only one attachment can be used at a time in multiplayer.

Silencer/Suppressor - When attached to a gun, the player cannot be found

on the radar unless UAV Recon is up. Muzzle flash and sound on the guns are

also reduced. Unlocked after 75 Kills on Assault Rifles and SMGs. In single

player it can be attached to sniper rifles.

Foregrip - Reduces recoil for shotguns and LMGs. This attachment

replaces perk 1. 75 Kills for LMGs to unlock and 50 Kills on Shotguns to unlock.


Dot Sight
- Replaces iron sights with precision reflex sight. There are two

versions but only one is used in the multiplayer.

The Tasco Red Dot Sight is in single player on the G36 and M4A1.

The Sightmark Sure Shot Red Dot Sight is used in multiplayer. Unlocked after

25 Kills with each gun, excluding sniper rifles.

Grenade Launcher - Sometimes called a "noob tube" by players, Fires one of two

grenades that explode on impact after a certain distance. If the grenade hits

the person at a close enough range it will not explode and kill the other

player. The Attachment is only for assault rifles and replaces perk 1. There

are two versions, the GP-25 found on the AK-47 and the M203 found on all other

GLs. Default unlocked.

ACOG Scope - Replaces iron sights with a scope. When aiming down the sights, the

player's perspective will zoom in and field of view will be reduced. When

attached to guns, the view is swayed more and the range of bullet damage is

increased. Sniper Rifles range is reduced with ACOG scopes. Unlocked after

150 kills on Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and after 100 Kills on Sniper Riles.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight - Another version of a red dot sight. It has a

circle around the red dot and takes up the whole screen's view. Single player


AN/PEQ-2A - Infrared Laser visible only when using Night Vision Goggles. Single player

only. Commonly found on the side of M4A1s.

Other Weapons

Knife - One hit kill melee

Mini Gun - Only Available on the mission "Heat" on single player

campaign. It can overheat and there are two separate buttons to spool the gun

and fire the gun. There are infinite bullets.

Mark 19/Mk 19 - Grenade Launcher attached to the Black Hawk Helicopter

on the mission "Shock and Awe" on single player campaign. You can fire

infinite grenades but the launcher will overheat.

Mounted Machine Gun/M2 Browning Machine Gun - A mounted machine gun that

looks similar to the M249 SAW. It has infinite ammo and can be found attached

to some cars on single player levels and on walls of certain maps in

multiplayer. Those maps include: Ambush, Backlot, Chinatown, Downpour,

Overgrown, and Pipeline.


C4 - Remote detonated explosive. Ability to stick on walls.

Claymore - Laser triggered explosive mine.

Flash bang - Blinds and deafens the enemy depending in the distance of

the flash bang.

Stun Grenade - Slows down the enemy considerably for a few seconds

depending on the distance from the stun grenade.

Smoke Grenade - A grenade that creates a smoke screen

Frag Grenade - Fragmentation grenade. You can "cook" a grenade by

holding down the grenade button. After a count of 5 it will explode and may

kill you if it's close enough.

RPG-7 - Rocket Launcher with an arching trajectory.


In Modern Warfare you can choose different Camouflages to put on your guns.

They can only be put on all primary weapons. They include:

Default - The Default color of the gun. Default unlocked.

Desert - Default Unlocked

Woodland - Default Unlocked

Digital - Unlocked with 25 headshots.

Blue Tiger - Unlocked with 75 headshots, 50 for shotguns.

Red Tiger - Unlocked with 150 headshots, 100 for shotguns.

Gold - Unlocked after completing all headshots of every gun in each

category. For instance complete all assault rifle headshots and you unlock

gold camo on the AK-47 only.

Assault Rifle: AK-47

Submachine Gun: Mini-Uzi

Light Machine Gun: M60E4

Shotgun: M1014

Sniper Rifle: Dragunov

Pistol: Desert Eagle (when you get to rank 55)

VII. Achievements

Bird on the Ground (20)

Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG in the single player campaign

Dancing in the Dark (20)

Kill the power

Daredevil (10)

Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang in the single player campaign

Death From Above (20)

Operate an AC-130 gun ship

Deep and Hard (90)

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty

Desperate Measures (20)

Corner Zakhaev's Son

Down Boy Down (20)

Survive a dog attack

Earn a Winged Dagger (20)

Complete F.N.G.

Eyes and Ears (20)

Find 30 enemy intel items

Four of a Kind (20)

Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots in the single player campaign

Ghillies in the Mist (20)

Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without alerting any enemies

Look Sharp (20)

Find 15 enemy intel items

Make the Jump (20)

Infiltrate a cargo ship

Man of the People (10)

Save the farmer

Mile High Club (20)

Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

New Squadron Record (20)

Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 20 seconds

No Rest for the Weary (10)

Stab an injured crawling enemy

Piggyback Ride (20)

Carry Cpt. MacMillian to safety

Rescue Roycewicz on the stairs (20)

Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs

Roadkill (10)

Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car in the single player campaign

Save the Bacon (20)

Protect War Pig, the Abrams tank

Straight Flush (20)

Kill 5 enemies with 1 shot while in the AC-130 gunship

The Bog (40)

Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty

The Escape (40)

Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From Above' on Veteran difficulty

The First Horseman (40)

Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty

The Fourth Horseman (40)

Complete 'Game Over' on Veteran difficulty

The Package (40)

Complete 'Crew Expendable' on Veteran difficulty

The Rescue (40)

Complete 'Blackout' on Veteran difficulty

The Search (40)

Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty

The Second Horseman (40)

Complete 'Safehouse' on Veteran difficulty

The Shot (40)

Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty

The Third Horseman (40)

Complete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the Father' on Veteran difficulty

The Ultimatum (40)

Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All in' and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran


Three of a Kind (10)

Kill 3 enemies in a row with your knife in the single player campaign

Win the War (40)

Complete the game on any difficulty

Wrong Number (20)

Find Al-Asad's safe house

Your Show Sucks (20)

Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech (It's best to shoot all TVs even

if destroyed to activate the achievement).


The cheat menu is unlocked after you beat the game under the options menu, and

shows how many enemy Intel are in the mission you are playing. Cheats are

unlocked by collecting enemy Intel, which look like laptop computers, that are

hidden throughout the campaign. Once you collect that Intel it will be gone

forever on that account, even if you delete your game. Using cheats disables

Achievements. Here is a video from you tube to find all 30 intels.

Unlockables/How to Unlock

A Bad Year: When you kill enemies, they explode into a bunch of old tires!

Collect 15 pieces of enemy intel.

Cluster Bombs: After one of your frag grenades explodes, four more

explode in a cross-shape pattern.

Collect 10 pieces of enemy intel.

CoD Noir: Simply turns all gameplay turns black and white, giving the

game a classic war movie feel.

Collect 2 pieces of enemy intel.

Infinite Ammo: Wepaons have unlimited ammo, you don't even need to

reload! Doesn't work with single-shot weapons like C4 and Claymores.

Collect 30 pieces of enemy intel.

Photo-Negative: Inverses all of the colors of the game.

Collect 4 pieces of enemy intel.

Ragtime Warfare: Gameplay goes black-and-white, dust and scratches fill

the screen, it plays at 2x speed, and the music becomes piano music.

Collect 8 pieces of enemy intel.

Slow-Mo Ability: By using the melee button, you can change the game to

slow-mo and play at half-speed.

Collect 20 pieces of enemy intel.

Super Contrast: Dramatically increases the game's contrast, making the

darks much darker and the lights much lighter.

Collect 6 pieces of enemy intel.

VIII. Difference in the Wii and DS Versions

Wii Version Differences:

First off let me note the game contains all the same weapons and perks from the

original COD4. There are a few differences since the wii is a lot weaker than

the PS3/360/PC. They lowered the maximum number of players to 10. So there is

no ground war mode but there is a new mode called "Squadmate" which was in WAW

Wii version. There is now host migration and fully customizable and remap able

controls. Players can now hold their guns tilted sideways for smaller one

handed guns by twisting the Wii Remote from left to right. The Wii Zapper is

compatible with the game. There is no Kill Cam, Wii Motion Plus, or Offline

Multiplayer other than Squadmate Mode. The cheats for single player are also

different. Ragtime Warfare was replaced with a new "Paintball Gun" cheat, and

a Bad Year now requires you to get a headshot, or the enemy will not spawn tires.

DS Version Differences:

The DS version of the game allows the player to assume the roles of several

anonymous soldiers, who are either affiliated with the British S.A.S. or U.S.

Marines. Unlike the console and PC version of Call of Duty 4, players do not

directly impact the outcome of the war. Instead of going after the main

antagonists of the overall plot (the Four Horsemen: Russian and his allies),

the playable characters in the DS version participate in minor missions, such

as escaping from an American military base in as it is attacked by enemy

forces, or raiding two cargo ships in the stormy black and dark Baltic Sea

which may be carrying nuclear materials. The DS version focuses less on the

main attempts to end the conflict and more on the supporting role of the

various other soldiers who played a part in the war. The player can also be a

gunner on a AC 130-Spectre Gunship as are in the regular console/computer

version of Call of Duty 4.

DS Weapons:






M16A4 Rifle


M2 Browning Machine Gun



M4A1 Carbine

M67 Fragmentation Grenade




Mini Uzi






Smoke grenade

DS Missions:

First to Fight



On Approach

Hard Impact

The Russian


Bunker Buster


House Cleaning

Missile Away

Dead in Ten

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