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January 20, 2010
Fallout 3 -- Ways to be Pointlessly Rich

by dartbeast54 | contact me

ok, so I've been playing for about 3 months, and I have let my friends borrow

this game a few times, and despite the fact that they "beat" the game before me

they always have the problem of not having enough stimpaks or caps until the

very end of broken steel where you get the super mutant blood, and sell the

sensor modules and cameras. Well, as of right now, I have about 32k caps, 400=

stimpaks and have at lvl 30 since Finding the Garden of Eden. How did I do it?

If you care, read ahead. NOTE: this will seem extremely simple but hard in

reality, it takes patience and will.

Make sure that you get repair, lock pick, science and medicine up to 100 ASAP.

You can substitute medicine for barter and speech, but those four I had at 100

at like lvl 18 or 19. This requires that you take the intense training perk

and get intelligence really high so you get more skill points every time you

level up. Here is why those four are of upmost importance…

Repair: Weapons in higher condition sell for more caps

Lockpick: You wouldn't believe the amount of caps stored away in the safes

around the wasteland, and if you take the perk that allows you to get more caps

from like desks and safes, even better.

Science: Some doors/locks cannot be picked, or in case you somehow ran out of

bobby pins, so getting into the computers allows you to get around this

NOTE: For max XP, if there is a safe and computer in the same room, pick the

lock first, then hack the computer. You can of course go the opposite way, but

you don't wanna make the mistake of rushing when it loads and hitting

"disengage lock."

Medicine/Barter: The thing with medicine is that it allows you to get more

outta stimpaks, so you will need to buy less. Barter obviously makes things

cheaper to buy and more profit gained from selling.

ALWAYS return to previous battles. Take the perk that allows you to add 50

pounds to your max carry ASAP, and always make sure after a good raid to carry

as close to your weight limit as possible, combine this with human followers

and drugs/drinks that increase weight limit for max effect. Its as simple as

going from the battle sight to your house simply dumping everything, returning

and such.

Don't be afraid to use your lockers/desks in your megaton/tennpenny tower

house. They don't have a limit to what you can stuff in them, so pack as much

as you wanna put in them.

For your Megaton house, there are 4 lockers/desks/filing cabinets, and if you

don't count ammo, you have 4 separate inventories; Weapons/Apparel/Aid/Misc.

The point is separate each into its own place for maximum convenience.

ALWAYS look for scrap metal and pre-war books. They are a great source of both

caps and XP when cashed in , in bulk. This requires that you don't blow up

Megaton, as Walter from the Water Treatment Plant pays very nicely for scrap metal.

If you take a large shipment of stuff to a vendor and they run out of caps,

don't fret. Just add some of their stuff you want until the arrow de-grays.

Great way to essentially get free stimpaks.

Take the perk that gives you more ammo from boxes, this paired with the above

trick ensures your never low on ammo nor are you wasting caps on ammo.

Check EVERY desk/box/crate/filing cabinet you come across. This can be very

hard when you're building clearing, but its worth it. Any caps found add


You don't need drugs/alcohol/cigs. Stock up on as much

jet/psycho/buffout/alcohol, and cartons/packs of cigs and mass sell. They can

amass a small fortune and are easy to find.

Speech is another way to get lots of caps. A great example is down at the

citadel, there is a pool going on to find out the name of paladin glade (The

only one in the great hall in the b-ring). If you can talk him into spilling

the beans, there is a nice 1000 cap reward in it….

After completing a mission, always do a follow up. The best example is Blood

Ties. After you settle the dispute by having Arefu give the vampires' blood

packs, make sure to go back to their place and ask if you could learn the ways

of the clan. You are granted a perk that allows you to get 20 hp back from

blood packs instead of just 1.

Hold on to any nuka cola quantum and sugar bombs you find. if you get 30

quantums, do the quest nuka cola challenge and its 300/400 caps depending on

who you give them to in a matter of a few seconds, and there are a pack of

ghouls who will buy sugar bombs for 15 caps each.

You can always return to Point Lookout/Mothership Zeta and the Pitt after your

done, so don't be afraid to, there is much left to be found and sold after you

complete the quests. NOTE: on the Mothership, you cannot return to the hangar,

cyro lab and robot factory afterwards though, so make sure to carry as much as

you can outta those three places, especially drone cannons. While they are not

as good as their damage rating says, they will sell for quite a lot…

And one final note, the game will not go on without you, so feel free to do all

the side quests and DLC's first and wait until the end to do the main

quest/broken steel. It's up to you, but if you take that path, do operation

anchorage first as the stuff you find down there when your done, along with

getting the right to use power armor, can really be beneficial.

Well that is about it, anything not here can easily be found in the IGN

walkthrough or the other FAQ's/Walkthroughs available. Thanks for reading!

©2010-01-20, IGN Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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