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Title Platform Date
Walkthrough 2012-04-30
Random Character Location Guide (Gay Tony DLC) 2010-06-23
The Good, the Bad, and the Future: Grand Theft Auto IV 2010-02-17
Take-Two: GTA Doesn't Need To Be Annualized 2009-12-04
Grand Theft Auto IV World Record Shattered 2009-10-20
GTA IV Trophies and Zombies 2008-10-24
In-game Website List 2008-10-17
Walkthrough/guide 2008-10-14
Walkthrough/guide (ZIP) 2008-09-09
Car Locations FAQ/guide 2008-09-24
GTA IV in Hot Water in Thailand 2008-08-04
Walkthrough/guide 2009-01-30
GTA IV Patched 2008-06-23
Integrity 2.0 Radio (Lazlow Show) Transcript 2009-09-21
Stunt Jumps (YouTube Video) 2008-08-13

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