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Title Platform Date
Alan Wake Sales Surpass Two Million 2012-03-13
Alan Wake to Hit Steam in February 2012-02-02
Walkthrough (Console) 2011-12-14
Alan Wake Confirmed for PC 2011-12-14
PC Version of Alan Wake Officially Scrapped 2010-02-15
GC 09: Remedy Talks Max Payne, Alan Wake 2009-08-17
No Alan Wake for PC 2009-07-15
No Alan Wake for PC 2009-07-10
Remedy Entertainment Licenses Umbra for Alan Wake 2009-06-17
E3 2009: Alan Wake Confirmed for Next Year 2009-06-01
Alan Wake Gets New Animations 2009-05-14
The Mystery of Alan Wake Deepens 2009-03-26
Alan Wake Continues to Tease 2009-02-23
Alan Wake Plot Reveal 2009-02-20
New Alan Wake Trailer Released 2008-10-21

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