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Title Platform Date
Easter Egg - The Warden's Secret Room 2010-08-10
Video Guide 2010-03-11
Takedown Guide 2010-03-08
Warner Bros. Buys Rocksteady 2010-02-23
Batman: Arkham Asylum Ships 2.5 Million 2009-09-21
Batman: Arkham Asylum Will Continue to Sell 2009-09-14
Combo FAQ/mini-guide 2009-09-10
Video FAQ: Predator Challenges 2009-09-21
Head-To-Head: Batman Arkham Asylum 2009-09-02
Walkthrough (PS3) 2009-09-23
Batman: Arkham Asylum Sets Guinness Record 2009-08-28
Eidos and Warner Bros Launch Batman: Arkham Asylum 2009-08-25
The Ten Commandments of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2009-08-17
XBL Achievements 2009-08-17
Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Available August 7 2009-08-03

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