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Heavy Rain

[+] Hint: Take it Easy

Playing the game on Easy will make it much easier and won't affect Trophy acquisition whatsoever.

[-] Unlockable: Alternate Endings

Unlockable: Alternate Endings Unlockable: Alternate Endings

Below is the criteria for unlocking each of Heavy Rain's endings. Each ending is tied to certain Trophies. Check out our Check out our Trophy Guide for a detailed description of how to attain each Trophy.

  • 1 // Complete the 'Perfect Crime' Trophy.

    This unlocks 'New Start', 'Dead Heroine', 'Uploaded',and 'Unpunished.'

  • 2 // Load 'Killer's Place' and succeed in finding the addressof the warehouse on the laptop. Survive by hiding in therefrigerator. Successfully complete all following scenesthrough the 'Old Warehouse' act. Ethan saves Shaun, Madisonwarns Ethan of the cops and Jayden kills Shelby.

    This unlocks 'New Life', 'Origami Grave's', and 'Case Closed.'

  • 3 // Load 'Old Warehouse' and fail with all characters. Donot have Madison warn Ethan, and let Shelby kill Jayden.

    This unlocks: 'Ethan's Grave', 'Heroine', and 'Unpunished.'

  • 4 // Load 'The Rat' and fail the trial. Do not locate Shaunby failing the hangman. Have Jayden give up in 'Solving thePuzzle.' Let Madison die in 'Killers Place.'

    This unlocks 'Origami Blues' and 'Smoking Mirror.'

  • 5 // Load 'Killer's Place' and have Madison escape, but donot use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse(you must wait in the secret room for about two minutesfor Shelby to arrive).

    This unlocks 'Tears in Rain.'

  • 6 // Load 'On the Loose' and let Ethan get arrested thesecond time. Save Lauren from drowning during 'Trapped.'Have Jayden give up in 'Solving the Puzzle.' Have Madisonescape 'Killer's Place', but do not use the laptop to findthe address of the warehouse.

    This unlocks 'Helpless', 'Square One', and 'A Mother'sRevenge.'

  • 7 // Load 'Killer's Place' and successfully obtain the addressfrom the laptop. Select to go to the warehouse ALONE. HaveMadison save Shaun in 'Old Warehouse', and then survive thefinal chase over the roof with Shelby."

    This unlocks 'Innocent', 'Heroine', and 'Resignation.'

[+] Hint: Trophy Collection

After beating the game you can use Chapter Select menu to go back and get all the Trophies with ease.

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