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Red Dead Redemption

[-] Cheat: Access Mexico Early

Cheat: Access Mexico Early

Travel to the bridge called "Frontera Bridge."Ride your horse quickly to the end of the bridge and get off the horse, letting it plummet into the water below. Do not call a new horse. Walk backwards until the railroad tracks start running into solid ground (for a short distance), turn left and go down a steep slope to the riverbank. There should be many small bushes by the river here. The music should also switch (it switches to the music you hear in Mexico). If you don't hear the music, start over. Set up a campsite when you hear the music and you will find yourself on the Mexican side of the river. To get back, you have to travel to the bridge called "Romita de la Baya."Do the same thing with the horse here, let it fall into the river and set up a campsite on the island.The campsite should be near the edge of the island to the north, either to the left or the right of the bridge. You can also listen to the music here, when you hear the music change back to the "American" music, you can set up your camp and you will be back on the north side of the river.

[+] Cheat: Homing Fire Bottles Missiles

Use Dead Eye while holding a Fire Bottle and your aiming dot will seemingly dissapear. It's still there, however, and you can pass it over enemies to lock on to them like you normally would with a gun. Fire the bottle and it will seek out its target like a homing missile.

[+] Hint: Easy Master Hunter Completion (Level 5)

In order to complete the challenge of killing a cougar with a knife, simply wait until the mission 'At Home With Dutch' (given by MacDougal in Blackwater.

At the point where you are confronted by the cougar, turn around and jump up on the rock after the cougar comes at you. Since the cougar will not be able to jump up to you, all you need to do is fall on top of it and spam your knife attack; takes about 3 hits. Skin and you're all set.

Note that this is a later in game mission, so you cannot do this challenge early on.

[+] Cheat: It's in the News

If you check at the misc section of the newspaper you will see a phrase at the end of every edition. Enter it and it will be a cheat.

[+] Easter Egg: Horse Hopping Getaway

From the front balcony of the Armadillo Saloon, climb over the railing above where your horse is hitched and you can fall right on to your horse, ready to ride away into the sunset. It's a nice nod to an old western classic.

[+] Hint: Skip the Skinning

Kill an animal and hop on your horse. Park the horse over the carcass (look for the small, black X on the map that marks it) and hop off. When you get the prompt to skin the animal, the horse's presence will prevent the short cutscene from occurring. Occasionally you'll notice that a similar obstruction -- box or barrel -- will allow you to skip body-search cutscenes and the like.

[+] Cheat: Access West Elizabeth / Tall Trees Area Early

There's a cliff and a waterfall in the far northern regions of New Austin -- just above the MacFarlane Ranch. Enter this area and you'll see "Tall Trees" appear on your screen. If you can manage to get arrested here you'll get carted off to Blackwater. From here you can access the full northern map. You'll need to auto save (see 'Save Anywhere' cheat) and die to return to the southern areas. If you buy the property in Manzanita, it will prevent you from doing this. However, it is possible to hop the unfinished bridge in Thieves' Landing to get back.

[+] Hint: Sharpshooter Challenge Level 10 (Disarm Six Without Reloading)

Here's an easier way to disarm six enemies without reloading or changing weapons. Do the mission with the Gap Tooth Breach hideout (the one with the treasure hunters) and lay waste to everyone outside the mine.

Then equip a large magazine weapon -- the Mauser is ideal -- and enter the mine. Once inside you basically encounter a trickle of one or two enemies, so you can easily disarm them at your leisure.

This slow trickle also means there is ample time for you to restore your dead-eye meter without fear of being rushed by the enemy.

Another easy way to complete this sharpshooter challenge uses an exploit with the Dead-Eye system (and it could be patched in a future update):

1. You must be far along enough in the game to have aquired the Carcano Rifle and level 3 Dead-Eye.

2. Go to the Twin Rocks gang hideout and eliminate the two snipers on the tall rocks before attempting to disarm the bandits. You must do this because you need to get to the small wall around the building for cover.

3. Go into cover behind the small wall and wait for a bandit to pop up. Immediately go into aiming mode to activate Dead-Eye. Instead of painting the weapons, just put your crosshairs dead on the weapon and fire.

Repeat the same steps over and over until your disarm the six bandits needed for the challenge. Since you are activating Dead-Eye, you will automatically reload, but since you don't manually press the reload button, the game doesn't count it as "reloading a weapon" thus completing the challenge.

[+] Hint: Hunting Challenge - Knife Task

For the task of killing an animal with a knife, you can weaken the target first (especially handy with bears) using gunfire before finishing the task with a knife.

If you are by yourself and do not have a partner to back you up with a firearm, you can try shooting a bear in its head with the Henry-Martini repeating rifle and one knife stab should kill the target.

[+] Hint: Sharpshooting Challenge - Hats Off and Disarm

There is a sharpshooter challenge that involves shooting the hat off an enemy, then disarming him within 3 seconds.

One solution would be to try doing this during a duel. Hit the hat then aim for the gun to disarm the enemy.

Another approach is to go into Mexico and shoot enemies with sombreros, as those hats are a lot easier to sight and hit.

[+] Hint: Beating All Players in Poker in Armadillo

Note: This will satisfy the requirement for Scrap 3 of Walton's Gang outfit. First put on the Elegant suit(the one which lets you cheat in Poker. Go to Poker room in the back of the bar in Armadillo. Play a game and Cheat BUT LET THEM SEE YOU CHEATING. This will make you duel. Kill or disarm the player that challenges you for Honor or Fame.

After that there will only be 2 players left at the Poker table, play again and get caught CHEATING again. you duel again. On the Last Poker Player I'd advise NOT to cheat -- the last player is fast and catches you cheating easily.

Now you'll be playing 1 vs. 1. Use this pattern to win: Check or Call THEN Raise and the Opponent will Fold Every time. If you want the game to go faster and BUST the opponent out. On your First hand, raise then check or call then raise.

[+] Cheat: Force a Save, Anywhere, Anytime

Occasionally you may be killed by a cougar and returned to your last save after collecting a bunch of flowers, pelts and whatnot -- fear the reaper no more! If you buy two horse deeds and enter your item menu, you can select a deed to summon its respective horse. Each time you switch horse, your game automatically saves. Switch between deeds on the fly to save your game anytime, anywhere.

Alternately, you can simply change the Audio settings in the Options Menu and the game will save.

Additions by erbfarg

[+] Cheat: Force a Save, Anywhere, Anytime

Occasionally you may be killed by a cougar and returned to your last save after collecting a bunch of flowers, pelts and whatnot -- fear the reaper no more! If you buy two horse deeds and enter your item menu, you can select a deed to summon its respective horse. Each time you switch horse, your game automatically saves. Switch between deeds on the fly to save your game anytime, anywhere.

[+] Hint: Infinite Honor

Note: You must be wearing the Elegant Suit for this to work. Find the least expensive poker game in town. Purposely get caught cheating, so that a "duel" will ensue. Wait for the "draw" sign to flash and aim at your opponent's right hand/arm in order to shoot their gun from their hand. This neat little trick will net you +100 Honor. Plus, its repeatable, since you can just keep getting caught "cheating" in poker.

[+] Hint: No Reload

When you are low on ammo, simply enter Dead Eye mode to immediately restore your ammo without having to reload.

[+] Hint: Money Exploit

I just figured out how to make an easy $100 every 20 seconds early on in RDR. If you go to the knife game "Five Finger Filet" in Armadillo you can bet $100 max each game.

The button presses are always the same, so as long as you memorize the sequence it's a piece of cake. The sequence is:


(this pattern repeats). I just sat here for a minute or two and I'm already over $1,000. Handy if you want some quick cash early in the game.

[+] Unlockable: PlayStation Home Avatar Items

The following items for PlayStation Home can be unlocked by performing the actions below.

  • Gentleman's Attire - Beat the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin It To Win It" challenge.
  • Lady's Finest - Beat the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin It To Win It" challenge.
  • Posse T-Shirt - When the community reaches an unspecified amount of money in The Strike It Rich! Rockstar Challenge this will be unlocked.
  • Red Dead Redemption Logo T-Shirt - Open a chest northwest of Riley's Charge in a burnt down building.
  • Rockstar Logo T-Shirt - Open the chest in the attic at the Marston Farm house at Beecher's Hope.
  • Sombrero - Shoot the hat off of an enemy on expert aim mode.

[+] Hint: Master Hunter Legendary Ranks (Multiplayer) & Character Unlocks

There is an easy way to get all the Legendary creature (killing 10 of one animal). When you explore the area they are in, lead all the animals to a nearby structure (or building).

For the wolves, there is a building on the hill. Now, this is the only one where they will actually come into the building because it is so run down, but there is a walkway/plank near the door. Stand on it, and shoot all the wolves, they can't get you.

The boars' hunting ground has the same with a run down half building (by the shoreline) but they won't attack you in the building.

The cougar grounds probably has the most difficult building. There is a house on the top of the hill.The best way to do this is have a buddy on horse lure them to your direction. When the cougars walk in front of the door/windows, shoot them.

The bears' hunting ground is probably the easiest of the bunch. There is a cabin, that has plenty of open area to shoot the bears from.

And for those who keep asking about unlocking women or legendary characters, those unlock with EXP points. There's no secret task, just build your ranks.

[+] Hint: Online XP Farming

During online free roam, go to a gang hideout and neutralize the enemies there. When reinforcements are sent, deal with them as well, then loot all the corpses.

After you nab the money and ammunition, leave the hideout and the enemies should respawn after a short while. You can repeat this process as much as you want.

[+] Cheat: Cheat List

You can enter the following codes in the Cheats Menu under "Options." Enter the entire phrase given below to activate the cheat, punctuation included. Capitalization does not matter. Once a cheat is entered you may toggle them from a master list. If the cheat effect isn't made obvious by its title, we give a description of it in parenthesis below. Entering cheats disables saving and Trophies / Achievements!

  • Infinite Horse Stamina - MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES
  • Money ($500) - THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, WE THANK YOU!
  • Diplomatic Immunity (Marshalls ignore crime) - I WISH I WORKED FOR UNCLE SAM
  • Decrease Bounty - THEY SELL SOULS CHEAP HERE
  • Who? (Turn into a Nobody) - HUMILITY BEFORE THE LORD
  • Old School (Sepia Filter) - THE OLD WAYS IS THE BEST WAYS
  • Sharp Dressed Man (Unlock Gentleman's Suit) - DON'T YOU LOOK FINE AND DANDY
  • Lewis and Clark (Unlock all areas) - YOU GOT YOURSELF A FINE PAIR OF EYES
  • Jack Attack (Change John into Jack) - OH MY SON, MY BLESSED SON
  • Donkey Rider - ???
  • Coach - ???
  • Increase Bounty - ???
  • Clear Bounty - ???
  • Every Shot Counts - ???
  • Gun Set 3 - ???
  • Gun set 4 - ???
  • Punchout - ???
  • Famous - ???
  • Good Guy - ???
  • Bad guy - ???
  • So So Guy - ???
  • Change Weather - ???
  • Beastmaster - ???
  • Hitchcock - ???
  • Guns Blazing - ???
  • Hic - ???
  • Man In Uniform - ???
  • Gang Chic - ???
  • Right To Bear Arms - ???
  • Rise Up - ???
  • Dead-eye Level 1 - ???
  • Dead-eye Level 2 - ???
  • Dead-eye Level 3 - ???

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