Useful Downloads

These downloads are provided free for Charter users to enhance your browsing experience. Feel more secure, more enabled, and more empowered with free downloads from Charter.

Charter Security Suite™

Charter Security Suite™ has the fastest response to new threats* and includes all this:

  • Improved Anti-Spyware Protection - Helps prevent spyware from attaching to your system and tracking your every move online
  • Parental Controls - Block access to unwanted Web sites by age level, by category and by time of day
  • Anti-Phishing - Helps keep potential identity thieves out of your e-mail inbox
  • F-Secure DeepGuard™ - Observes the heart of your computer and helps keep malicious codes out
  • Anti-Virus - Helps protect your computer against the threat of viruses and worms
  • Hourly Automatic Updates - Keeps your protection up-to-date for even the newest viruses
  • Enhanced Firewall - Helps block intruders from your computer data
  • Anti-Spam - Puts unwanted e-mails in a separate folder where you can review or delete them
  • Pop-Up Blocker - Keeps out unwanted ads

©2009 Charter Communications. Residential customers only. Must be a Charter High-Speed Internet customer to download the Charter Security Suite. Internet access speeds vary. Charter does not guarantee data will be secure. *Defined as fastest response times to new threats and overall detection rates. Source:, World renowned 3rd party testing company. Services not available in all areas. Other restrictions may apply. Call 1-866-WEB-3656 (1-866-932-3656) for full details.